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This segment of the software generates results without human assistance, once the last scores is entered by teachers, all results are ready. It has about five access leves,teacher, class teacher, admin, accountant and users or learners. The account take care of payments and issuance of receipt. The features are many and amazing, let's take you through some of the major features below.

Teacher/Class Teacher Enter scores with just a click After entering a column, just tap tab on you keyboard to enter next Move your mouse coursor to next column, it highlights without click, then enter score Auto and manual save Class teacher: Priview results, enter comments and psychomotor Class Teache: Mark attendance Class Teacher: View number of learners in your class
Admin/Supervisor Add teachers and learners Software automatically creates portal for each user added Software generates Pin and Registration number for each learner Pin and Registration number can be updated or changed View broad sheets, result sheets etc Assign subject and class to teacher Update school name, logo, address, phone number and other details Update leaners passport Create term, session, classes etc
Students/Users Access results from portal Personal login card is generated for every learner View termly performance at a glance on bar chart Check previous term results

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