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Nigerdelta.gov.ng Login- Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs

 Nigerdelta.gov.ng Login– Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs , Welcome to Ministry of Niger Delta Website – the most comprehensive online source of information on and around Niger Delta region.Nigerdelta.gov.ng Login- Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs

The Niger Delta, is a densely populated region once known as the Oil Rivers because it was a major producer of palm oil.

This region is on the Atlantic coast of Nigeria where the Niger River divides into numerous tributaries. The region extends along the coast from Benin River on the west to the Imo River on the east.

There are several linguistic and cultural groups namely the Ijaws, Edos, Urhobos, Itsekiris, Yorubas, Igbos, Efiks and Kalabaris.

Vision & Mission

The Vision of the Ministry is to serve as the primary vehicle for the execution of Government’s plans and programmes for rapid socio-economic development of the Region. The Mission Statement is to formulate and execute plans, programmes and other initiatives as well as to coordinate the activities of Agencies, Communities, Donors and other relevant Stakeholders involved in the development of the Region.


The mandate of the Ministry is to formulate and execute plans, programmes and other initiatives aimed at fast-tracking the development of the Niger Delta Region.

Functions of the Ministry are to:


The Ministry has contributed immensely to the infrastructural development of the Region. It has also recorded great success in the Economic Empowerment and Skills Acquisition programmes for the non-militant youths and women. In addition, the creation of the Ministry has contributed to the reduction of threat to peace and security in the Region as most Stakeholders are constantly engaged through sensitization and conflict resolution.


It can be concluded from the foregoing that the Ministry has delivered on its mandates to formulate, oversee and implement Government Policies in the Niger Delta Region; provide roads including efforts at completing the construction of the East-West Road; combat erosion and land degradation problems in many areas in the Region; and take measures to ensure peace, stability and security with a view to enhancing economic potentials of the people of the Region.

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