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Meet Rev. Sis Inibehe Effiong , Who is a Nigerian Lawyer

Posted on December 17, 2017

Meet Rev. Sis Inibehe Effiong , Who is a Nigerian Lawyer

The debate on Hijab is still on….

It all started when a Muslim Lady, Firadau Amasa, refused to remove her Hijab at the call to bar ceremony on Wednesday, and ended up not being called to bar.

Nigerian lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, this afternoon, shared this photo of a Nigerian nun who had to remove her religious attire for that of the legal profession. He argues that the nun could have also added her ‘headgear’ to her legal attire since she wants to respect her husband, Jesus Christ.Meet Rev. Sis Inibehe Effiong , Who is a Nigerian Lawyer

Here’s what he wrote; “Nobody is above the law. Look critically at this photo and make your comments. If you don’t like heat, do not go into the kitchen. If you hate war and fighting, do not join the Army. If you do not want to abide by the dress code of the Legal profession, do not aspire to be a lawyer. You cannot have it both ways.”

Inibehe also reacted to the tweet by the president of the Nigeria Bar Association, Abubakar Mahmoud, that the controvery against the use of Hijab is needless and will be addressed.

Using the picture of his daughter which he, Mahmoud posted, Inibehe pointed out to the NBA boss that Sharia courts and the Nigerian courts in general does not allow women wear trousers during practice.

“Look at this photo shared by the NBA President. Her daughter wore a trouser; look at the type and colour of her shoe; look the size and colour of her hijab.”

“No lawyer in Nigeria, not even in the so-called Sharia States in the North, can appear before a Judge with any of those. In Nigeria, female lawyers do not wear trousers.”

“Those relying on the statement of the NBA President should ask questions. It will be ridiculous for us to mend our Rules and Conventions simply because of what is obtainable elsewhere.”

“When this lady applied for American visa, I will like to know whether she had her hijab on while taking photographs and during the screening? Mr. A. B. Mahmoud SAN should tell us.”

“Islam forbids women from touching men who are not their husbands. But don’t we have female nurses and female security personnel? Do they not interact with the opposite sex in the course of their work?”

“Hijab as I understand, is only worn by female Muslims to shield them from unnecessary attention. It is just a protective apparel. The wig also serves same purpose. Hijab is just a piece of fabric that is made and sold to those who want to wear it.”

“No woman was born with a hijab. If you want to join a profession like law, you must be ready to abide by its tenets. You cannot expect the profession to adjust its rules just to suit your religious beliefs.”

“I am not scared of being labelled or insulted by the Social Media Hisbah Police who have taken it upon themselves to attack anyone who disagrees with their opinion. I do not care what you think of me. I don’t have respect for religious bigots.”

“If you have followed me for long, you would have known that I am far more critical of questionable things and practices that I find in Christianity.”

“Labelling me anti-Islam is not just nonsense but certified nonsense.”

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