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Father Mbaka Heals A Blind Man At Adoration Crusade – Pictures

Posted on December 17, 2017

  Father Mbaka Heals A Blind Man At Adoration Crusade – Pictures

God continues to use Rev. Fr. Mbaka to perform awesome miracles in the ongoing Adoration Crusade.

The first photo is a stroke patient who has not seen for years.The wife brought him to the Adoration Crusade on Friday night and left to come meet him the following day.Fortunately for him,after Friday night and praises,he was able to regain his sight.He came to the altar to give his testimony when Father ordered people that regained their sights,lames that are able to able walk and others that received miracles to come to the altar.Also a man who had accident in 2007 and has been using clutches since then was healed.Many people dropped their clutches and started walking.Also a reverend father’s dad who was having cancer of the throat that has made blood come out from his nose was healed.His bleeding stopped and the tumour vanished.The testimonies were many that he told others who wanted to give their testimonies to continue in the evening of the Saturday when the crusade starts again.He prayed that their miracles should be permanent.Father Mbaka Heals A Blind Man At Adoration Crusade - Pictures

God is really using him.Thank God for a man like Rev. Mbaka.At the Adoration Crusade,he said that he never endorsed or said anything about Atiku.He frowned at people using his name to fabricate false stories and said the bible said ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’.

NB: When he performs miracle and you want to give a testimony,you must mention your name,your village and family,how you problem started and more

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