Biodun Okeowo Reacts On Lying In Her Grass To Grace Story – Picture

 Biodun Okeowo Reacts On Lying In Her Grass To Grace Story – Picture

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Be wise, not every story you read is presented by journalists as said… Some Stories are garnished with lies.. to make good headlines.
I stopped granting interviews with some… because your “A” will be “K” by the time they publish your story😀.
I owe no one an explanation, but to set the records straight/correct some lies read on the internet.
I was deflowered by my kids father.. we lived together for some years but never got married legally…
The fact that I made a mistake in life shouldn’t stop me from advising against it. I am bold enough to share my story/mistake, which has now turned to my JOY.
What about you? Internet troll..
Hey! It’s just Instagram not that serious. Life itself is not that serious. I am in my house eating Easter rice come and beat me😝😝😝.
There’s no such thing as bad publicity… #JudgeMe#Idontcare#hatingAintStoppingMyProgress#IamStrong#undettered#Fearless#MyBestIsRightOnTheWay#

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