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Nigerian Turns Down $10k (3.6 Million) Monthly Job to Help Nigerians – Pictures

Posted on April 2, 2018

 Nigerian Turns Down $10k (3.6 Million) Monthly Job to Help Nigerians – Pictures

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Blogs won’t celebrate him because he’s not Bobrisky.

Favor Ori born 30 December 1996 is a Nigerian software developer who dropped out of a Nigerian higher institution to go to America and chase his dreams. Today, it can be said that his dream is within touching distance.

Days ago, he turned down a job offer that will see him earn $10k a month not because he has enough to last him a life time. But because he has a dream to help Nigerian youths.

His company is geared towards mentoring willing and serious young Nigerians who are keen on getting software engineering knowledge. It is for FREE. He’ll be connecting them with Ivy League students and graduates who has worked with the highest tech companies in the world such as facebook, google. Etc. Over three hundred mentors from Silicon Valley are working with the company to get this started.

The only requirements are: Zeal, a laptop and nothing else. The company will buy unlimited internet data for the chosen students. This year, 15 people were selected out of over 200 applicants under a very short notice. The acceptance rate is 8.5%.

The accepted students in Nigeria will be receiving T-shirts, Identity cards and acceptance packages.

The cost of this is applying and being accepted.

Next year, the company will be accepting 3000 students from Africa. Applications are open on the website.

Top four students will be getting a MacBook from apple mailed to their houses.

Speaking with favor Ori, he said “My company is doing this to prevent Nigerians from scamming and doing drugs. I want to coerce them to embrace tech and join the development of the next multi-billion dollar product.”.

The company is in talks with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Jetbrains for free software licenses

Application for 2019 is open. Remember, only 3000 slots that millions are scampering for. Apply as quickly as possible.

The company will be teaching selected students iOS, android web development and version control.

Additionally, the mentors who are from Ivy League colleges will aid them in creating the perfect resume, prepare them for interviews and land jobs in any tech company.

Asking him his inspiration, he didn’t say much. He said “Gossy Ukanwoke”

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