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Reviews : Fiverr Vs Upwork (2018 Comparison)

Posted on April 2, 2018

 Reviews : Fiverr Vs Upwork (2018 Comparison) 

I need opinions on this, I plan to join Upwork but would want to know if combining it with fiverr will be a heavy workload considering the fact that I am working.Reviews : Fiverr Vs Upwork (2018 Comparison)

Upwork is better and more profitable. it’s more flexible and more user friendly

what restrictions on registration?

the bidding system makes the offers competitive. you also have to submit a proposal while bidding and the poster of the job goes through all proposals before picking the right person for the job

as a newbie, you can start getting jobs of up to $100 depending on how well your Profile is set up. you also hardly find $5 jobs.

the job opportunities are more on upwork etc

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