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Xbox Or Playstation 4 (Reviews 2018) + Comparison

Posted on April 1, 2018

 Xbox Or Playstation 4 (Reviews 2018) + Comparison 

When it comes to picking one them I will go with XBOX and I play both of them in real life and am one of their game developer

Xbox is so useless that consumers need to stop calling it a console.

I stand with playstation

Cao this ftp shout-out goes out to you

And to finally shut up the guyz quoting me about xbox being better. Pls, go to your nearest market and see if you can find any of the xbox equivalent of these ps4 games  (I dare any of you to look for them let alone buy them at cost effective prices compared to the ps4 prices)

If you haven’t seen or played any of these games on your xbox console, ogbeni you have no right to even show face.

Xbox is a dead console and that’s a fact.

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